Finding new biomarkers for Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy

Three exciting new research projects aim to find new biomarkers for Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy in cerebrospinal fluid and blood. These projects are called BIONIC (BIOmarkers for cogNitive Impairment due to Cerebral amyloid angiopathy), CAFE (Cerebral Amyloid angiopathy Fluid biomarkers Evaluation) and SCALA (SCALA: an amyloid beta profile Specific for Cerebral AmyLoid Angiopathy).

Diagnosis of cerebral amyloid angiopathy relies on criteria based on MRI markers. However, these are based on late and indirect markers and do not provide definitive proof of disease. This hampers early diagnosis. Thus, novel biomarkers are needed. Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers are a proven option.

For these projects, a new patient cohort is being established consisting of CAA patients, patients with a deep intracranial hemorrhage and healthy controls. These patients will be extensively characterized with MRI, lumbar puncture, vena puncture, neurological, neuropsychological and neuropsychiatric assessment. The projects are coordinated by dr. ir. Marcel M. Verbeek from the Radboud University Medical Center (Nijmegen, The Netherlands).

In addition, there are collaborations with (inter)national partners such as Marieke Wermer and Gisela Terwindt (Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands), Bill VanNostrand (Rhode Island University, USA), Erik Portelius (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and Hugo VanderStichele (ADx NeuroSciences, Gent, Belgium).

More details about the projects can be found on the website: In addition, regular updates about the progress will be provided in order to inform the international CAA research community.

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